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Meet the Ryerson Journalism Alumni Association team.

The RJAA team is made up of volunteers, who are elected for two-year terms at our annual general meeting.

Amanda Cupido, President

Attended Ryerson: 2007-2011
Occupation: Social media coordinator and content officer at World Vision Canada.
Fun fact: Amanda's birthday is Valentine's Day. And yes, her last name is really Cupido.

Maurice Cacho, VP Administration & Finance

Attended Ryerson: 2004-2008
Occupation: Managing Editor, Digital Content at Great-West Life.
Fun fact: Maurice is a licensed private pilot.

Vibhu Gairola, VP Events

Attended Ryerson: 2010-2014
Occupation: Freelance journalist.
Fun fact: Vibz speaks Hindi and basic Mandarin.

Carys Mills, Website Coordinator

Attended Ryerson: 2007-2011
Occupation: Front-end developer at the Toronto Star.
Fun fact: Carys is citizen of Canada and the U.K.

Rebecca Melnyk, Secretary

Attended Ryerson: 2012-2014
Occupation: Writer and online editor for Building Strategies and Sustainability and Canadian Property Management magazines.
Fun fact: Rebecca is a former New Yorker.

Laura Stricker, Social Media Coordinator

Attended Ryerson: 2004-2008
Occupation: Senior writer and web editor at Humber College.
Fun fact: Laura is a voracious (and fast) reader. She read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in less than a day.

Alexandra Bosanac, Member at Large

Attended Ryerson: 2008-2014
Occupation: Freelance journalist.
Fun fact: Alex’s foot was nearly run over by Rob Ford's Escalade. 

Nicole Siena, Member at Large

Attended Ryerson: 2009-2013
Occupation: Public Affairs Specialist, Rogers Communications.
Fun fact: Nicole takes baking and culinary arts classes at George Brown College in her spare time. 

Lisa Pires, Member at Large

Attended Ryerson: 2007-2011
Occupation: Communications at Seneca College.
Fun fact: Lisa took salsa dance lessons during her time as a Ryerson student.

Aubrey Silverberg, Member at Large

Attended Ryerson: 1998-2002
Occupation: Executive Producer, CBC News Network.
Fun fact: Aubrey’s official first name is Shawn, making his initials SAS.

Amanda De Souza, Member at Large

Attended Ryerson: 2011-2013
Occupation: Producer/Reporter at MediaFace.
Fun fact: Amanda is playing her way through every escape room in Toronto.

Ann Rauhala, Faculty Liaison

Attended Ryerson: 1977-79, B.A.A.
Occupation: Associate chair, professor, Rye School of Journalism.
Fun fact: Ann is the only woman who is both an RSJ alum and an RSJ prof.

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