Why Headliners Matter

It’s now easier than it has ever been to publicly say whatever you might want to say, or tell whatever story you might want to tell.

Bylines are everywhere, your friends’ Facebook feeds, the Twitterverse and so on.

That’s excellent news for aspiring journalists and experienced pros alike.

Also good news; most of us now consume journalism almost constantly on an ever-widening array of platforms.

That is why “Headliners” matter.

In order for there to be a next generation of journalists who are curious, tenacious, thoughtful and insightful beyond 140 characters or listicles, aspiring journalists and the profession itself need positive examples, role models, success stories.

That is why ABC News just celebrated Peter Jennings ten years after his passing.

That is why CBC News recently unveiled its own “Hall of Fame” and honoured the legacy of Knowton Nash, its first inductee.

That is why the RJAA has “Headliners”.

Do you know of a colleague or former classmate who deserves the title? Email rjaa@ryerson.cawith their full name and a brief description about why you want to nominate them.

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